Friday, March 13, 2009

A New Life Ahead

My family is currently in the process of getting a new home. We have been staying with Gramma & Pa for almost 7 months now & it's time to move on. We luckily have some of the most amazing friends. My best friend's parents have a small 2 BR home that we will be renting. It's very cozy. The only downsides are that the kids have to share a room & there's only 1 bathroom. However this is the first time we are able to paint the walls the way we want and put in flooring of our choice. It's set away from the street and has a quaint back yard for the kids. Plus it's right next to Erin's parents, so we'll hopefully get to see a lot more of Erin & her family. We're very excited, and tired & sore. We spent today working on paint & flooring and have more of the same all weekend. It's a lot of work but will be so worth it when we move in, hopefully next weekend. Wish us luck!