Saturday, January 23, 2010

More Baby Stuff

So last weekend, after I finished the infamous diaper bag, I decided to try a few more projects. I bought a book of baby patterns over a year ago just so that I could make some bibs. (Here's the book) I finally pulled it out, cut some fabric, and low & behold I made a bib! So I made 4 more.

And then today, another idea popped into my head. I vaguely recall seeing somewhere a burp cloth that was contoured to fit over one's shoulder. So I cut some more fabric and the next thing I knew I had 3 contoured, and quilted, burp cloths (and one receiving blanket, not shown).

Yes, they look somewhat like large maxi pads, but I'm sure they will do the job just fine. Unfortunately, the lighting in the hallway at 5pm left a little to be desired, so sorry for the muted colors, but you get the idea, right?

Wonder what I'll create next weekend???

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