Saturday, January 2, 2010

First Finished WIP of 2010

This year I plan to finish some WIPs that have been hanging around throughout 2009.

This is the first. I finished it last night. I am calling it "Every Way But The Right Way," aka Couch Throw Quilt.

This started out with good intentions of being an easy and quick quilt. I had some leftover fabric from the pillows I made for the couch last spring, so I bought a few coordinating fabrics and 2 yards of flannel for the backing. What I didn't do was plan ahead. I just started cutting squares & rectangles of various sizes. Then I started sewing. It started out great, until I realized that since they weren't all the same width I wasn't going to have an easy go of it. But I kept on trucking. Sometimes I had to sew a piece to another piece and then sew it to yet another piece that was already in the quilt to make it fit in properly (if that makes sense). Once I got to the finished size last night I noticed that it wasn't even squared up right. So I trimmed it down to make it rectangular which then threw off the look of the sides.

At that point I didn't care anymore. I just wanted it done so I could put it on the couch (and mysteriously "lose" the fleece blanket that already existed there). So I sewed it, right sides together, with the pink flowered flannel backing, turned it rightside out, and sewed around the edges.

At some point I might try "quilting" it or tying it, if I feel like it. But for now it looks just perfect, albeit a bit wonky, on the couch keeping my sick little 7 year old girl cozy and warm.

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Laura Brann said...

Hey - thanks for the explanation. Some quilts I've seen are quite thick. I'm assuming they must use more than a sheet of flannel or something. A quilt is supposed to look like a bunch of different shaped looks fine to me.