Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Summer Yum!

This has been the summer of fresh produce for us. Working for my aunt Cathy has proven very beneficial to our health. First we had lots of yummy strawberries. Now her farm is producing an amazing array of vegetables. I've been working at the Farmers' Market in Bowdoinham for her for the past few weekends and I took these pics of the perfect salad ingredients. Mmmmm..... good!

Also, last week we had some rain which provided us with a lot of raspberries right in our front yard. Yes, in the middle of Bath we have raspberries. These particular berries only made it as far as my cereal bowl & the kids' mouths.
And I just couldn't resist taking this picture last Thursday. This is our "Beer Can Chicken." There is actually a can of beer up its you-know-what. I coated the chicken with olive oil & a garlic-rosemary seasoning, then baked it for almost 2 hours. It was delicious & so moist, albeit a little funny to look at in the oven. Man I love food!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Thanks, BriTT!

AWW! Thanks, BriTT, for the awesome nomination! I love your scraPPing style and aLL your beautiful pics.

BriTT nominated me on her blog for this cute liTTle award. Like her, I check many blogs and fEEL like I know so many of you, even though we have never personaLLy met. It's nice to know that I have friends out there aLL over the world! (note the BriTT-style typing in this post!)

Monday, July 21, 2008

Hot Summer Days

Aahhh, we finally made it to the beach as a family last Thursday. Bobby & I went to Fort Popham while the kids were at camp last weekend, but taking the kids is so much more fun. We went to Reid State Park in Georgetown, which is very kid friendly. We walked on the rocks & checked out tide pools for crabs & periwinkles. Then we hung out on the main beach for some wave action & frisbee. Unfortunately Hurricane Bertha made it difficult to enjoy the ocean that day. The rip tides were unreal & the lifeguards said the swells were unusually unpredictable. In fact 14 people had to be rescued from Old Orchard Beach about 45 minutes south of us. So after lunch, and a little more tide pool searching, we headed for the lagoon for some swimming. All in all, we had such a fabulous day. The kids were so good! (And the lifeguards gave me something extra to look at! LOL!)Also, it's lily season in the garden. All the neighbors have lilies too. It's like a little lily-fest around here. Unfortunately, I think that's the last of our flowers in the garden this year. I didn't plant anything as I wanted to see what was already there. Now I know & I'll be more prepared for next year.

Monday, July 7, 2008

Maine Summer

Wow, 3 posts in one morning! I must be on a roll, or perhaps I should say I'm on a biscuit, just like these yummy strawberries.
As many of you know, my aunt Cathy owns Fairwinds Farm with her friend Pete, in Topsham. In Bowdoinham they have several acres of lush vegetable & berry fields. For the past 2 weeks I have been working for them at the strawberry fields. No, I do not pick them, at least not for money. My job is to welcome customers, tell them where to pick, then weigh their berries & take their money. Luckily, at $1.25 a pound, this is always a pleasant experience. I do get to pick berries for myself, however. Or should I say, I pick them for Emma. She has eaten her weight in strawberries lately. Jake likes them too, but not quite as much.
Yesterday, when I got home, I prepared about 9 quarts of berries for Strawberry Shortcake & my future attempt at making jam. The Shortcake was delicious as our dessert last night. Now I need to freeze the rest for a not-so-humid, less-than-ninety-degree day. I don't foresee that happening in the near future. Maybe this fall.... by then I'll be able to make Pumpkin Pie to go along with it!

#2 Is Two-Wheelin'

Well, we finally convinced Jake that he no longer needed training wheels on his bike. Last Monday I noticed that he rarely had either training wheel on the ground, thanks to the fact that they had bent upwards. I couldn't believe it when he actually agreed to let me take them off!
He got right on that bike and started riding it across the lawn. In no time he was taking off all by himself. Now we can't get him to stop riding. I guess 2008 is now officially the year of NO training wheels!

Wedding Purse

Here's the little purse & matching wallet I made for attending Hannah's wedding last month. Of course, the camera battery died right before we left the house, so we have no pictures of how cute Bobby & I looked together that day. Maybe Hannah has one she can email me........