Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter!!! And A Little Sewing...

I hope everyone out there in Blog World has a fabulous Easter!!! I know we will! It's going to be around 80 degrees where we will be, here in Maine. I know, crazy, right?

But yesterday I did a little sewing. After walking around beautiful downtown Bath, Maine and visiting the Bath Book Shop and Mariner's Compass Quilt Shop, I came home with some lovely purple & green batik fabric for another birthday throw quilt for a coworker. Again, I have decided to use my new favorite white Kona muslin to offset the deep colors. This is only the center panel of the quilt top, but so far I think I'm liking it. One it's complete and quilted I'm sure I will be loving it. It does have a name already, Magic 39 Quilt, but I'll disclose the reason behind the name once it's finished.

Have a great day!