Thursday, December 31, 2009


I don't make resolutions. Not because I don't want to, but because I never follow through. I really never even have good intentions to follow through. I just say something and hope it happens.
But not this year. I have some goals. I don't know how or when I will achieve them. They are just some goals that at some point in the near future I can say, "Hey, I did it!", and be happy with the results.

Goal #1: Lose Weight
This has never been a goal of mine until this year. Until recent years I have never had to struggle with my weight. Now I am not impressed with myself and I know it's now or never. If I don't start getting healthier soon I know I'll go downhill.

Goal #2: Make Money With My Crafts
This is something I have been wanting for a couple years. I would love to start a website or an Etsy store in which I can sell the stuff I make. I want to be known for my crafts. Even if I'm not known worldwide, I'd love to be known locally. And make some extra cash.

Goal #3: Spend More Time With My Family
There are many ways to achieve this goal. The one way that I have pondering lately is to work part time. I do enjoy my job. The money is decent and I have health insurance for myself and the kids. However, I miss being home with them. Since Jake will start school in September there will be no need for either Bobby or myself to be around during the day. I'm kind of hoping he can find a new full time job that will allow him to get insurance for all of us and be home on the weekends. I'd prefer to work a few hours a day or maybe just 2-3 days a week and be home when the kids get off the bus. This would allow us to all be together more often and hopefully I could get more done here at home.

So that's about it. I don't know if any of this will happen this year, but it's a start. I'll try my absolute best to get the first 2 goals accomplished. The 3rd goal will take some extra effort on my husband's part as well. Hopefully this year we can start working together more to create the best family environment possible.

So, Happy 2010! Another decade done. Another decade started. Hope it's a good one!

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

I Got A Makeover!

Ok, so I didn't get a makeover, but obviously my blog space did. It took a little extra work, but I'm quite happy with the result. Tell me what you think!

Sunday, December 27, 2009

2 Days Later

December 27th, 2009. 2 days after Christmas. The house is pretty much back to normal, with a few adjustments in the living room with which I am very pleased (much more open and spacey, perfect for Wii playing). And it's raining out, which is a big difference from yesterday's lovely snowflakes that covered the ground.
So I thought it was time to finally post some pics of the projects I was making for my mom. I'm pretty sure she doesn't read my blog, but better safe than sorry. So here they are:

My Mom has been wanting a Christmas Quilt for quite some time, so last weekend as I was making these 4 pillows for her I decided to get the matching fabric and start her quilt (normally my grandmother makes the family their quilts, but it's time for me to start doing more to pull my weight). So on Sunday I spent about 5-6 hours cutting & sewing to get the quilt top done. It still needs a backing and needs to be quilted and a binding sewn on, but that's a whole other project...
Btw- She Loves It!!!!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Home-made Kahlua

Last week was our Secret Santa week at work. Those who participated drew a coworker's name and had to get them something small and inexpensive each day, based on a theme.

Monday: something green
Tuesday: Santa's choice
Wednesday: something edible
Thursday: something sticky
Friday: something that your gift recipient will love and appreciate that reflects their personality

We're a pretty small office of about 20 and know each other pretty well, so it was pretty easy.

My recipient received the following from me:
Monday: green tea and spearmint gum
Tuesday: 2 holiday body lotions
Wednesday: a Christmas mug with Hershey Kisses
Thursday: salt-water taffy and sugared peanuts
Friday: bottle of red wine, large wine glass, and a scarf crocheted by moi

I received from my Secret Santa:
Monday: 10 green fat quarters and a pack of 6 yards of various green-toned ribbon
Tuesday: ceramic Santa cookie jar
Wednesday: home-made chocolate covered peanut butter balls in a snowman jar
Thursday: basketful of fusible tape & webbing and a barrel of monkeys for fun
Friday: very large bottle of home-made Kahlua- YUMMMMMMMO

So here it is, 6:40 pm on a Tuesday. The kids are eating macaroni & parmesan cheese while watching Ice Age for the bazillionth time. And I sit here at the "bar" drinking a lovely glass of Kahlua and milk over ice. Thanks, Cindy, for the perfect gift!

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Sunday Morning

Aaaahhh, Sunday morning. I love it. I don't know why, but Sunday always feel like a calm day to me. I'm not a Church goer, so I know that's not it. Maybe it's because I run around on Saturdays trying to get stuff done. On Sundays I try to relax for a while in the morning, drinking my coffee, hanging out online, thinking of all the things I want/need to do throughout the remainder of the day. I try to sew on Sundays as much as possible.
I did a little sewing yesterday morning, but then I came up with a fabulous idea for a gift for my mom, so I went out to get the materials for it and now I have to sew like crazy to get it halfway done (not finishing it til after Christmas, but I want her to see what it will look like). I also have 2 more blankets to finish for the nieces & nephews in NJ. Unfortunately they won't arrive til next week, but who doesn't like getting more gifts after the big day?
So, I will sit here for a little longer, finish my coffee, partake in one more cinnamon roll, and then off to the second floor for the rest of my day.
Hopefully the kids won't fight too much....

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Not. Enough. Time.

I fear that I will not be prepared for the 25th. I have 9 more days left and I'm working for 6 of them. Not to mention Bobby works for 2 of those days which leaves me Christmas Eve as the only full day to get away and shop. I don't like shopping on Christmas Eve. There's just not enough time. How did this season come on so fast? I really thought I was ahead of the game when our lights were up before Thanksgiving. That was 3 weeks ago!!!! HELP!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Crazy Weather

The past 12 hours have gone like this:

8am: a few flakes
9am: lots of flakes
12pm: 4 inches of snow
3pm: 6 inches of snow
5pm: 8 inches of snow & sleet
6pm: sleet/freezing rain (lots of slush)
8pm: rain, thunder & lightning

What a weird day.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009


As I have been perusing the craft blogs on which I often stumble (and then save in my Faves) I have truly become inspired. I want to do so much more. I want to finish my 2 quilts. I want to make table runners & placemats as gifts (think I'll get 'em done this weekend?). I want to design my own patterns. I want to get that diaper bag done for Cally. I want. I want. I want. I feel so selfish wanting so much. But then I think, I'm not selfish at all. I want to make these things mostly for other people - as gifts. I want to put myself out there and just create. Just create. For others. And for myself. Because it makes me feel good.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Extra Post

I have updated the "Inspiration" list of blogs. Check out these amazingly crafty women who inspire me on a daily basis.

Feels Like Winter

'Swinter! Ok, not quite yet. There's still 2 weeks before it's official. But the first official snow of the season is falling right now! Yay!

And here's a pic of the placemats & napkins I made for Jeanne. The fabric is a gorgeous cotton batik with snowflakes. It's wintery, but not Christmasy, so they can be used throughout the season. I also finished one blanket (with much swearing) and started the second. Not sure I like the satin binding so much. I'll get through these blankets and forget about doing satin binding on fleece for a while.

What's next? I need to make more stars for next weekend then I'm not sure after that. Funny thing is, I don't really care what I'm sewing as long as I'm sewing. I just love it!

Thursday, December 3, 2009

What Am I Working On?

Tuesday night I went next door to the landlords'/neighbors' house as all of my non-sewing craft supplies are being haphazardly stored in their dining room (until next week when I have to make room for it all here so they can throw their annual Xmas Party). Anyway, I was looking for a pattern for my crocheted cloche-style hat. I didn't find it there (in fact, I didn't find it anywhere), however Jeanne asked if she could tag along back home with me to see all the fun stuff I'm working on. This caught me off guard (messy house, you know) but it was so good for me. I pulled out half-finished purses, blankets, quilts & stars. I also found some fabric that had been stashed away for projects never started. I also showed her the napkins that I started last weekend for her. She requested napkins & placemats for a gift for her work party. Unfortunately, my machine threw a temper tantrum on Sunday. I'm giving it a few days to rest so I'll finish those on Saturday.
After she trudged back across the driveway I desperately searched for my pattern. Like I said, I couldn't find the one I wanted, but I did find another hat pattern that I love, so I started that as gift for someone. Can't post pics til after Xmas for obvious reasons, but I do plan to pull some things out this weekend and inventory all my work. I'll post some pics of my WIPs or UFOs (Works In Progress or UnFinished Objects).
I have so much to do! Better get off this computer.....

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Monday, November 30, 2009

'Tis The Season

Aaaahhhhh. Christmas.
I love this time of year. From the last week of November to the last week of December I'm usually in a pretty good mood.
I blame my mother. She's one of those Christmas-all-year-long types.
This year we put up our tree earlier than ever; the day after Thanksgiving. That means an entire month of Christmas Spirit. I think it's because this year we have our own home again. We can use our own decorations. We have our own space. It just feels like home. And Christmas.
I also love this time of year because it brings out the craftiness in me. I have been sewing like crazy: star ornaments, placemats, napkins, anything I can think of to make to avoid buying meaningless gifts. I have always been a fan of "handmade" but for some reason, lately, I am really getting into it even more. If I can make something with my own hands and my own mind then why would I want to waste time & money in a store buying something that doesn't have nearly as much meaning & love behind it. I feel good about what I make, and making things as gifts at Christmas makes me feel even better.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving

So much to be thankful for today: good food, good friends, good family.
May your day be a wonderful one.
Happy Thanksgiving!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Things To Be Thankful For

- The roof over our heads
- The jobs that Bobby & I have to help make ends meet
- My kids' smiles
- My parents
- Our landlords/neighbors/second parents
- My best friends
- Free turkeys
- The holiday season to make me realize that I have so many things for which to be thankful

Happy Thanksgiving!

Monday, November 23, 2009

Saturday, November 21, 2009


Today I will sew.
Today I will sew.
Today I will sew.

That's my mantra for the day.
It's beautifully gorgeous outside: mild & sunny, and it's only 8am. I'm sure the kids will spend much of their time out there getting muddy today. I, however, will be upstairs enjoying the hum of the sewing machine and trying not to stab myself with pins. I have an order for 10 more stars, a rice bag with removable cover, and I have some Christmas gifts to work on as well.


Tuesday, November 17, 2009


Today we learned that we may not get our annual raises this year. It was disappointing for about 30 seconds. Then we found out that our health insurance premiums could be going up anywhere between 12 and 30%. In an effort to keep our insurance costs down the owner, HR manager & CEO will be determining just how much extra insurance will be. They are hoping to not have to pass on the rising costs to us employees, which would mean no raises.
I can certainly appreciate this effort, however I am so unimpressed with our health insurance companies these days. I am not completely in the know about this national health care reform, but I do know that if things don't start getting better no one will be able to live comfortably anymore. We rely on our employers to provide us with health coverage, but we also rely on them to reward us for our good efforts each year, and to also make sure that we can afford to live as the cost of every day living keeps going up as well. I'm sure I make more than many of the employees in my company, but I also know that there are many other employees who make a hell of a lot more than I do. I know that I am worth more than what I make, but I also know that the job market is horrible around here right now.
I will take no raise & affordable health care over no job any day.

Monday, November 16, 2009

I'm Back

Although I never really left.

It's funny, but I would like to blog more often. The problem is, if I feel like I don't have anything inspiring or amazing to write, then I just shouldn't bother. It's not like I have a lot of blog followers anyway, like all those big name blogs I read every day.

How do I get to that point? How do I make myself inspiring to others? How do I make my life sound interesting to thousands of other people? I'm not a designer. I don't have sponsors. I don't have freebies to offer, and if I did, who would win? The 2 people who read this? (Hi Pam & Laura!)

I want to be those people; those amazing women who inspire me and many others around the world with their simple words every single day; those women who are fortunate enough to have been blessed with the ability to stay home and become fabric designers, pattern creators, and overall nice people.

In the meantime, while I am searching for answers and wishing that I could be one of those bloggers, I will leave you with these pictures of some of the fun things I created this weekend. Enjoy!

Sorry, picture upload is giving me a hard time tonight..... I'll try again tomorrow.

Saturday, September 26, 2009


Brrr. It's cold out. 3 Days ago it was 80 degrees. This morning it was in the 30s. Don't get me wrong. It's a beautiful day with sunshine and temps around 60 now. It's just that we never had a summer this year. Why not?

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Where Do They Come From?

What is the key to eliminating fruit flies from your house altogether? Get rid of the fruit.

If only that were possible. Funny, but they really seem to like my wine the best. Aaahh, at least my fruit flies have refined taste.
Catching them is easier than I thought. I tried the cider vinegar, but that didn't seem to attract them. What they like is our juice. So I've been treating them to pink lemonade and V8 Splash. Haha. Little do they know it's laced with dish soap. As soon as they hit the surface they sink & drown. Nice huh?

Now if I could only figure out how to stop them from invading my kitchen in the first place. Yeah, right. That's about as possible as having world peace these days. Oh well. We'll always have wine.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Good Day

Happy Birthday to ME!!!!!!!!

I have had a great day today. It's my 32nd birthday and I don't feel a day over 32. Hehe.
So I started the day by putting on a cute outfit and a tiara (I've always wanted to do that!) which I am still wearing as I type this after 8pm. The kids sang to me this morning and I went to work. When I got there I had presents on my desk! Yay! Huge surprise. I have great coworkers who got me 2 bottles of wine, a dozen roses, a new bracelet & earrings and delicious chocolate, as well as a gift card to buy, you guessed it, more wine! I think they felt bad for me after yesterday's horrible-ness of losing hundreds of dollars to an identity thief.

So, my other birthday gift was that Bobby was able to get all our money back from the bank. Yay! And then I came home to brownies and chicken parm for dinner. And on top of that I got to see my BFF Erin. Phew. What a day.

I love my birthday.

Monday, August 17, 2009

3 weeks!

Aagh! It's been 3 weeks since my last post. The only excuse that I can give you is that my life is really boring right now. Basically work, and weekends. That's it.

I did manage to sew this weekend. I made a new John Deere pillowcase for Jake, a skirt for Emma for school, and a skirt for myself. I'd post a pic but Jake's sleeping on his pillow right now and Emma's skirt is tucked away awaiting the first day of school. My skirt is not really worth photographing, especially with me in it. I didn't use a pattern and realized that vertically challenged girls with no waist should not wear peasant skirts. Ok, so it's not THAT bad. It's just not something I'd like to photograph until I have the right shirt to go with it.

Speaking of that, I have a new blog to follow. I actually am thinking that I'll be an active participant with this one. Check this out: My Weight Loss Journey
This blog was started today by a friend at work who suddenly realized that it's time to make a change in her life. Not only do I plan to coach her through this, but I plan to participate and attempt to make some changes for myself as well.
I know I will never be that size 2/4 that I was before kids (and after them too - thank you, breastfeeding!), but I don't like the size I am currently at and hope to get back into the size 6 pants that I have held onto for the past couple years. My eating habits have not changed, but my metabolism has (man, did 30 take it's toll or what?). I also have not been dancing for over a year (funny for someone whose blog is called The Dancing Mom). I need an excercise routine and I need the motivation to stick with it.

So Tiff and I are in this together. And hopefully we'll both see success at the end of the road, wherever that may be.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

This Blueberry Pie...

is the most amazing thing ever. I worked at the Bowdoinham Farmers Market this morning, which is always a treat for me. I get to hang out with some neat people while selling delicious berries and veggies from a farm I truly believe in, all while making a little extra cash.

So with this extra cash today I chose to buy a blueberry pie. This isn't just any pie, mind you. This pie is homemade with love by a wonderful 12 year old named Libby. She and her friend Julia were there today with the Sprouts program (a program in Bowdoinham for kids to sell their wares at the Farmers Market).

I have to say that I have eaten other delicious treats made by Libby last summer, but this pie takes the cake! I believe the crust is homemade and the blueberries are picked by Libby and friends at an undisclosed location. They sell 3 different sizes: personal, medium, and full-on pie size!

So I'm sitting here enjoying my pie for lunch/snack while my successful first attempt at making potato salad cools in the fridge.

The kids should be home soon from the Wildlife Park (turtle exhibit) and then we're off to Uncle Jerm's for a BBQ this evening.

Why is it that when the sun comes out, my day just seems to get better and better?

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

And the rain, rain, rain came down, down, down...

That's one of my favorite scenes from Disney's Winnie the Pooh movie. The rain pours down and poor little Piglet gets washed away in a hunny pot.

That's kind of how I'm feeling these days. Aside from a few random days of sunshine and "warm" temps, these past few months have been filled with rain pouring down. I'm afraid that one of these days I'll come home to my kids floating down the flooded driveway in beach buckets.

In some ways, though, I kind of don't mind it. When it's raining I don't feel as bad about leaving for work and spending 9 hours away from home. When I stayed home I loved the warm sunny weather because we could do anything we wanted and spent much time outside. Now the only thing I feel bad about is leaving poor Bobby home all day without a car, stuck inside a tiny house with 2 extremely active children.

So now, it's 8:30 pm, pouring rain outside, with nothing exciting on tv. I have made myself a nice cup of hot tea with hunny :) and I'm going to curl up in the recliner with my latest book (The Gatecrasher, by Madeleine Wickham, aka Sophie Kinsella of Shopaholic fame). It's taken me a while to get into reading it as I don't have endless summer days to lounge around & read anymore, but I have plenty of quiet (and probably rainy) summer evenings to myself - just perfect for catching up with my favorite authors.

Now I just wish the library was open on weekends :(

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Letter to the Sun

Mr. Sun?
Is that really you? I can't believe you're really here. And on a weekend. I am so excited to actually feel your warmth and bask in your lovely rays of light. It finally makes it feel like summer.

We have seen so little of you lately. Where have you been? Have you been hiding? Have you been sick? Have you been cheating on us with others who have been enjoying your warm glow?

It makes me sad to think that you have been away for so long without telling us why. Why have you let those evil clouds take over your righful place in the sky? Why have you allowed the rain to soak us more than necessary? Are you punishing us for always taking advantage of you when you're here?

Either way, I'm glad to see you back in our neck of the woods. Please stay for a while. Don't go away again for such a long period of time. We need you. You make us happy. You keep us warm. We love your seemingly endless light throughout the day.

Thank you, Mr. Sun, for finally coming back to us. I love you.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Growing Things

It is that time of year when I want nothing to do with the produce department at the grocery store. My aunt Cathy's vegetables are coming into fruition and I LOVE them. I worked at the Bowdoinham Farmer's Market on Saturday representing Fairwinds Farm. Although it's still a little early for tomatoes and potatoes, there were still quite a few goodies to be had. The zucchini and broccoli almost sold out and I sold out completely of lettuce, summer squash, cabbage, beet greens and strawberries.

My own garden is also doing quite well despite the rain. My tomato plants are huge and hopefully we'll have some peas and green beans soon as well. But my flowers are what I am most proud of. I bought this climbing rose bush at Reny's for only $5 earlier in the spring. I have had 2 full blooms so far and about 6 more that will pop out this week.

And what good is a beautiful summer morning without your best friend to share it with you? (Emma & Patience, ages 6 1/2)

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Oh Crappy Day.

It's days like this which make me wonder why I have chosen to stay in Maine all my life. It's maybe 60 degrees and damp, rainy, cool and overall just yucky. It's July. If I wanted cold weather in July I'd move to the southern hemisphere. Even with the opportunities we have had to move south to NJ, I still want to be here.

Why, you ask? Well, just read this & you'll understand:

It's stories like this that make me realize that I live in the most beautiful state in the nation. Even though I grew up in the middle of a fairly busy town, I still saw deer and moose run through the neighborhood. We can walk to the river and see bald eagles and osprey. And where else can you drive for a couple hours and see both the gorgeous coastline of the Atlantic and the majestic White Mountains in one day?

I truly love it here - despite the crappy weather in July.

Monday, July 6, 2009

Fairwinds Farm

Aaaahhhh, tis the season...
I love my strawberries. And I really love them from my aunt & uncle's farm. Fairwinds Farm in Topsham & Bowdoinham, ME, owned by Pete & Cathy Karonis is by far the best place for strawberries in this area. Despite all the rain we've had this season, they still have a fabulous selection for picking your own. Located off Brown's Point Road in Bowdoinham, it's a little off the beaten path, next to the Kennebec River, but it's beautiful there.
I worked at the field on Saturday before the rain hit, then Bobby & I took the kids picking yesterday morning. In less than an hour we just about filled a flat. Plus I managed to get about 5 quarts on Saturday as well. I now have 3 gallon-sized bags in my freezer full of both whole berries and mashed berries. As soon as I have some free time I'll be making some jam. Yum!

Friday, July 3, 2009

Hi Zack!

Haha. Funny title, I know. I just found out this week that my brother-in-law also reads my blog on occasion, so just a little shout-out there.

So we spent 12 1/2 hours on the road yesterday to get home from NJ. Should have been 8. Lots of traffic and rain. The only state that was good for us was NJ because we were heading north instead of south to the shore. It actually took us an hour just to get from Portland to Bath due to 295 being covered in about an inch of water the whole way. People were hydroplaning everywhere. Scary stuff! Good thing we got new tires last week!

So our vacation was awesome. Of the 5 days we were there we spent 3 at the beach and one at the zoo in Cape May and Ocean City Boardwalk. We always stay with Bobby's brother and his family. His wife, Christa, and I get along really well and their kids are also 6 & 4, just like Emma & Jake. They play so well and fight like cousins, as it should be. We also got to spend time with Bobby's sister, Danielle, and her family at the beach. We always try to get all 7 grandkids together for a picture so we can see how they grow every year. Here's a pic from the beach in Strathmere, taken by Danielle.
Top row: Emma & Jackson; Middle row: Rilee, Reid, Julia, Jake; Bottom row: Marley

So I finally posted a new pic here, after almost a year without one. Now if I could just get pics uploaded from my camera to my computer I could post a million more. I think I need some sort of adaptor or something for that....

Thursday, June 18, 2009

My Sewing Machine

I frequently visit the Sew Mama Sew blog as I can find a lot of great ideas, tips & advice. This month they're offering some great prizes just for commenting on blog posts, including a new sewing machine. So they have asked that we fill out the following questionnaire & post the link to their site. Here goes...

What brand and model do you have? Singer, pretty basic model, no bells & whistles
How long have you had it? 3 years or so
How much does that machine cost (approximately)? $100
What types of things do you sew (i.e. quilting, clothing, handbags, home dec projects, etc.)? All of the Above
How much do you sew? Not often enough
How much wear and tear does the machine get? Not as much as it should
Do you like/love/hate your machine? Are you ambivalent? Passionate? Does she have a name? Like it well enough - Didn't know I was supposed to name "her"
What features does your machine have that work well for you? It sews
Is there anything that drives you nuts about your machine? Skipped Stitches, not as advanced I would like, wish I could machine quilt with it
Do you have a great story to share about your machine (i.e., Found it under the Christmas tree? Dropped it on the kitchen floor? Sewed your fingernail to your zipper?, Got it from your Great Grandma?, etc.!)? We want to hear it! Nothing exciting - Bobby brought it home one day after I had been using my mom's machine to make quilts for his nieces & nephews
Would you recommend the machine to others? Why? Only to extreme beginners and those who don't sew much
What factors do you think are important to consider when looking for a new machine? For me, I want it to come with a walking foot so I can do more quilting and heavy duty purse making
Do you have a dream machine? Anything that will help me advance my techniques and sewing skills

My Job

So since I recently complained about having to work & not being home enough with my kids, I figure I should actually point out that I do like my job. I work as a Customer Service Specialist at Village Candle in Topsham, Maine. It truly is a superior scented jar candle than anything else on the market. I have burned Yankee Candles in the past, but unfortunately I did not have great experiences. They soot tremendously and don't burn well. Village Candles have dual wick technology which provides a clean even burn and eliminates sooting. The fragrances are awesome and so true to life! And they are less expensive which, in my opinion, is a great thing these days. Why pay more for a candle that won't burn well and turns your walls black when you can pay less for a larger candle that burns all the way down and even comes with a free mini scenter car candle?

That's why I like my job. I honestly believe in the product. All of our candles are made on-sight in our factory by some of the most dedicated employees I have ever known. I work in the office as a CS rep so I handle many inbound and outbound sales calls from and to gift retailers, as well as sales reps and even consumers. These past 2 weeks have been extremely busy, in a good way. The Premium Village Candle collection is amazing, with a fabulous selection of fragrances that beat anyone else. Those other big companies don't hold a candle to Village (ok, bad pun, I know). We also have a country-style canning jar candle called our Kitchen Line. Yummy! Talk about wanting to eat something sweet while burning these candles. And then we have a soy and paraffin blend Accent Line in home decor friendly colors. I love these in my bright blue bathroom! We even have a line of Natural Soy Wax candles for you greenies out there. With Village Candles there is something for everyone...

Ok, I know I just totally plugged the company I work for, but why shouldn't I? Of course I would still buy these phenomenal candles if I didn't work there, but the best perk is getting to try out the new fragrances as they are being tested. I highly recommend those of you are reading this to try a Village Candle as soon as you can. If you don't have a local VIllage Candle retailer near you, check out the Village Candle Factory Store either in person in Topsham or online at Not only will you help me keep my job ;) but you'll also find yourself hooked on a new guilty pleasure - a premium quality candle at a very affordable price.

So there. That's why I do what I do. I enjoy helping people find the best candle they can. Once you try a Village Candle I am quite sure that you'll never want to buy from another candle company again. Made in the USA, Hand-Made in Maine, great smelling scented candles - Life is good.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Something to Say

I wish I had something more to say.
I feel like I'm not blogging enough lately. I really feel like my life isn't worthy of blogging lately. I get up, I go to work, I come home, I get the kids dinner, give them a bath, send them to bed, I relax, I fall asleep. Start over 9 hours later.
Is this really my life?
Just 1 year ago I was going for walks to the library, catching frogs at the pond, reading 2 books a week, having picnic lunches in the back yard, sewing everyday. I truly miss that.
I know that I need to work right now, but why couldn't I have just 1 more year?
One more year with my babies while they're still little.
One more year of enjoying the fun times on a daily basis.
One more year before both of them are in school full time.
I want a reason to write here everyday. I don't feel like writing about my job as a customer service rep. I feel like writing about my real life, my life here with my family, the life that I feel like I'm missing by being away all day long.
My weekends are too short. This life is too short.
As my friend once said to me "the days are long but the years are short." My Jakey is almost 5 and Emma's going into 1st grade. The next thing I know they'll be in high school. Then what?
I know it's a long way to go, but then what will my life bring?
When they no longer need me, what will I be doing?
Maybe I'm just being a bit paranoid, or depressed, or guilty, but I can't help but want to spend as much time with them while they still want me to.
Some day, sooner than I want, it will be just a memory.

Monday, June 1, 2009

The Sewing Bug

Yes! It has finally bitten me again. This weekend I decided, after cleaning the house, that I would pull out the old sewing machine. It's a little awkward, but I managed to sew standing up. Yes, you read that right. I placed the machine on the bar between the kitchen & living room, put the pedal on the floor (perfect height), and I was able to stand & sew. I finally made Cindy's 3rd wallet. I got the size right this time, but I'm a little worried about the metal snaps. There may end up being a wallet #4. I also found 3 adorable floral print fat quarters on sale at JoAnn's last week. So I whipped up a new purse for myself. I call it the "unstructured bag." It resembles a tote bag that you'd use for shopping, but it has an outside pocket as well as 2 inside. I also added a clip for my keys so they don't disappear at the bottom. I call it unstructured since I didn't use any interfacing for stiffness. It's so cute. As soon as I can find a USB adaptor for my camera & new computer I'll start posting pics again. Although I think I only have one reader these days, so Mama Brann, I'll post those pics soon! Thanks for reading!

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Not So Bad After All

So it may not be 90 degrees this weekend, but I'm home. And I like it that way. Yesterday I finished a really good book called "Good In Bed" by Jennifer Weiner, while the kids played outside. It should be a little warmer today. I'm sending the kids out now because they drive me crazy if I keep them in. Bobby's on his way home with my D&D coffee with the free Turbo Shot! I think I'll get some yardwork done & then we're grilling tonight.
Aaaahhhh. This is how I like it.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

90 Degrees and Working

The last time I had to work during the summer was when I was pregnant with Emma, 7 years ago. I am so not used to having 90 degree temps and spending the day away from my kids. I already miss reading my books on the swing in the back yard. I miss watching the kids using their imaginations to play around the yard. I miss walking to the library and searching the frog pond for tadpoles. I miss being able to take off for the beach whenever we want.

It's ok, though. I know deep down that what I am doing now is best for my family. And when all else fails, we still have the weekends!

And I hope that as they grow up they realize that their mom, as much as she wanted to be there for them all the time, did what she had to do to give them the best life possible. And I hope that they know how much she loves them.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Just Me

I'm sitting here alone and I love it. It's quiet, the kids are asleep, Bobby's at work, the lights are low, I have a glass of wine (second one), and I can sit here in silence enjoying my home and myself. For the first time ever I feel like I have a home that is all mine (ours). I come home from work and I don't want to leave. I look around knowing that everything here is here because I want it to be here. I am here because I want to be here. I truly am liking my life the way it is right now and there isn't much else that I could ask for.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Home at Last

We have been in our new house for just over 3 weeks now & it feels so good.
It's nice to come home knowing that it's our stuff, in our house. We did the work, we chose the paint, we put in new lights. It's ours & we love it.
Home, Sweet Home indeed!

Friday, March 13, 2009

A New Life Ahead

My family is currently in the process of getting a new home. We have been staying with Gramma & Pa for almost 7 months now & it's time to move on. We luckily have some of the most amazing friends. My best friend's parents have a small 2 BR home that we will be renting. It's very cozy. The only downsides are that the kids have to share a room & there's only 1 bathroom. However this is the first time we are able to paint the walls the way we want and put in flooring of our choice. It's set away from the street and has a quaint back yard for the kids. Plus it's right next to Erin's parents, so we'll hopefully get to see a lot more of Erin & her family. We're very excited, and tired & sore. We spent today working on paint & flooring and have more of the same all weekend. It's a lot of work but will be so worth it when we move in, hopefully next weekend. Wish us luck!

Friday, January 2, 2009

Happy New Year!

Well, it's 2009. I can't believe that 2008 went by as fast as it did. Crazy!
I'm still working full-time, and Bobby is working as close to full-time as possible. He was made a permanent full-time employee 2 weeks ago (at Target) and is still hoping that a management job comes avaliable soon. Emma still loves school and Jake enjoys being home with Daddy every day. They have their own routine and it works for them.
So what will this year bring for us? I really have no idea. I'm hoping that Bobby gets into management. That would help us tremendously in looking for a new place to live. We're hoping that by the end of the school year in June we'll be more able to find a new home and give my parents & sister their space back. It hasn't been easy on any of us, but it's working for now. I' m also hoping to get a lot more sewing done and start selling more bags & purses. Anything I can do on the side to add to our income helps.
So that's about it. Here's to a much more successful 2009!