Monday, August 11, 2008

Wedding Pics

Sheri got married! Friday afternoon/evening we celebrated her marriage to Will, in the usual style of course. It was a lovely ceremony and the reception was fun, full of laughter & tears. Here are some of the pics. Bobby and I coordinated in our outfits (of course) & I think we looked pretty sassy together. He's so cute!

And then there's me and the girls. I love weddings & dance recitals because those are the only times we are all together to pose for pictures. Unfortunately there are no more weddings to be had for the 6 of us. But there will be more recitals.
Oh, and I made this really cute clutch purse on Friday morning to go with my new dress (I bought the dress, by the way). I think I have another new style to work on for the website, if I ever get around to starting it. Thanks so much for looking!

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