Thursday, August 27, 2009

Where Do They Come From?

What is the key to eliminating fruit flies from your house altogether? Get rid of the fruit.

If only that were possible. Funny, but they really seem to like my wine the best. Aaahh, at least my fruit flies have refined taste.
Catching them is easier than I thought. I tried the cider vinegar, but that didn't seem to attract them. What they like is our juice. So I've been treating them to pink lemonade and V8 Splash. Haha. Little do they know it's laced with dish soap. As soon as they hit the surface they sink & drown. Nice huh?

Now if I could only figure out how to stop them from invading my kitchen in the first place. Yeah, right. That's about as possible as having world peace these days. Oh well. We'll always have wine.

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Laura Brann said...

Go to:
There's about 15-20 different ways to get rid of fruit flies. Good luck.