Tuesday, January 19, 2010

She's 7

My, how time flies. So many things have happened in 7 years. I have gone from having no kids at all to having 2. I have gone from working full time, to being a stay at home mom, to being a working mom. I have made scrapbooks, crocheted scarves & hats, sewed purses and quilts and everything in between. I have gone from a dancer of over 25 years to not dancing at all. Size 2 to size (you didn't think I'd actually say, did you?).
And all along, the things that keep me going are my awesome family. My babies, who aren't such babies anymore, my wonderful husband who puts up with all my quirks, my mom, dad, brother and sister who have always been there unconditionally, and my extended family and friends who have always shown me much love & support.
So there you have it. 7 years in a nutshell, with one of the biggest nuts turning 7 today. She's crazy. She's funny. She's emotional. She's talented. She's smart. She's beautiful. And she's all mine. Ok, I do have to share her with a few other people, but all that hard work was my doing ;)
I love her - my beautiful baby girl.

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Laura Brann said...

You are certainly a perfect Mom, wife, and friend to all of us who know you - just one teeny question.....didn't Bobby have a little part in Emma being who she is?