Sunday, March 28, 2010

A Sew-lful Weekend

Finally.... another weekend full of sewing. Gramma took the kids overnight on Friday so I was able to
a) Go to JoAnn's for some fabric,
b) Sleep in Saturday morning - or not...
c) SEW!!!!! I had the day to myself until about 3:30.
Brittany had recently asked me to make some bibs for her little cutie pie, Zander. As I was waiting in line at JoAnn's with the fabric for said bibs, I saw a copy of Quilts & More Magazine with a bib pattern. One 40% off coupon later I was out the door with new fabric and a magazine full of new ideas.
On Saturday I made 3 bibs and today I made 2 more, plus a new purse that has been floating around in my head recently. Moda + Muslin = Love.

It's funny how once I started making purses about 2 1/2 years I haven't bought one at a store. Every once in a while I just feel the need for something new, as do most people. But instead of shopping around at the nearest TJ Maxx or Coach outlet (I wish!), I head to the fabric store. This particular Moda fabric was a member of the "discontinued fat quarter bin" at Mariner's Compass before Christmas. Jeanne bought it for me because for some reason it just whispered to me "I want to be a purse..." So today I pulled it out, grabbed a 1/2 yard of muslin that I found on clearance for $.79, found a few scraps of sueded blue fabric and a bit of canvas strapping. Voila! My new bag! I even used the floral Moda to make a matching button. I guess I'm kind of liking triangles lately.

So that's that for today. I really need to get the backing done for my mom's Christmas quilt as well as the borders and backing for my own Moda quilt. Maybe next weekend...

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