Sunday, June 8, 2008


I have to yet to buy a new camera battery, so please bear with me while I post with no pictures. Especially since I have some purses to show you & no way to get them on this dang computer.
So, what can I blog about?
My mom & I had a yard sale yesterday. We didn't make out too badly, but we still have a lot of stuff to sell, so looks like next weekend I'll be running the show at my house with a few of my neighbors.
Ooh! I have a new favorite dessert! My cousin, Cally, introduced me to a new place on Maine Street in Brunswick called "The Gelato Fiasco." Mmmmm..... So Delish! I tried a few flavors before deciding on the Brownie Batter flavor. All you need is the "treat" size, as it is so rich & chocolatey. I have found a new guilty pleasure. Thanks, Cal! Next time I'll get a combo of a few flavors. I'm really anxious to try the Cake Batter flavor. And the S'Mores flavor. And the Dulce Leche. And the Mint Chocolate Chip. Aahhh, looks like I'll be spending some money & getting really chubby this summer. Plus they have a corner with big soft arm chairs where I can sit & read or crochet while enjoying yummy gelato & coffee. They're open from like 7:30am til almost midnight. Who wants to watch the kids while I take a little break today?

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