Tuesday, June 3, 2008

It's Official, I Think

Thank you so much to all of you for your input on my business name. I'm quite sure (as of 8:33 am Tuesday morning) that it will be: Dum da da dum! Drum roll please.........


Yay! I think this is the one I've personally been leaning toward all along. I know that many of you liked Grace Robert Designs, but I found a Robert Grace Designs on Google & wasn't crazy about possibly being confused with him.

So now comes the really hard part- starting the business. I have some work to do, both on the business end & also on the sewing end. But I'll get there. Just keep your eyes on the lookout for me. And yay! I have a new printer! Thanks, Grammy! Now I can actually print business-related "stuff."

Oh, and I'd love to post a few new bags, but my camera battery died, so that'll have to wait. I will leave you with these 2 pics of my mom's new purse. It was her Mother's Day gift (even though she bought her own fabric). She has a cute fold-over bag that I made her for Christmas, but this is her new Spring/Summer purse. I can't wait to start on the Betty Boop Christmas purse, Mom!

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Laura Brann said...

Good luck in your new business adventure. I know you will do well as you have spunk and talent...what else do you need? Oh, money would help,I suppose!!!