Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Summer Yum!

This has been the summer of fresh produce for us. Working for my aunt Cathy has proven very beneficial to our health. First we had lots of yummy strawberries. Now her farm is producing an amazing array of vegetables. I've been working at the Farmers' Market in Bowdoinham for her for the past few weekends and I took these pics of the perfect salad ingredients. Mmmmm..... good!

Also, last week we had some rain which provided us with a lot of raspberries right in our front yard. Yes, in the middle of Bath we have raspberries. These particular berries only made it as far as my cereal bowl & the kids' mouths.
And I just couldn't resist taking this picture last Thursday. This is our "Beer Can Chicken." There is actually a can of beer up its you-know-what. I coated the chicken with olive oil & a garlic-rosemary seasoning, then baked it for almost 2 hours. It was delicious & so moist, albeit a little funny to look at in the oven. Man I love food!

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Laura Brann said...

Grocery stores would kill for pictures of this quality in their newspaper ads. Nothing healthier for you then home-grown produce where you know what has been put on the plants during the growing process. I'm eating peaches from Pam's peach tree beside their garage. Fresh produce out here is scarce due to the drought. Irrigation is limited as our reservoirs are very low. Many farmers out this way are going belly-up this year between the tornadoes in May-June and now the extreme heat with no rain. This will affect produce prices on the East coast by August-September. You're lucky you have a private source of produce as vegetables are something we all need to eat every day. Bon appetite