Monday, July 21, 2008

Hot Summer Days

Aahhh, we finally made it to the beach as a family last Thursday. Bobby & I went to Fort Popham while the kids were at camp last weekend, but taking the kids is so much more fun. We went to Reid State Park in Georgetown, which is very kid friendly. We walked on the rocks & checked out tide pools for crabs & periwinkles. Then we hung out on the main beach for some wave action & frisbee. Unfortunately Hurricane Bertha made it difficult to enjoy the ocean that day. The rip tides were unreal & the lifeguards said the swells were unusually unpredictable. In fact 14 people had to be rescued from Old Orchard Beach about 45 minutes south of us. So after lunch, and a little more tide pool searching, we headed for the lagoon for some swimming. All in all, we had such a fabulous day. The kids were so good! (And the lifeguards gave me something extra to look at! LOL!)Also, it's lily season in the garden. All the neighbors have lilies too. It's like a little lily-fest around here. Unfortunately, I think that's the last of our flowers in the garden this year. I didn't plant anything as I wanted to see what was already there. Now I know & I'll be more prepared for next year.

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Laura Brann said...

Missie....Missie....Missie....I'm ashamed of you!!(Just joking). You don't need to buy milk when you have the cow at home!! They do say it doesn't hurt to look..and most lifeguards are worth looking at, but remember - if one of those lifeguards happens to be a woman..Bobby gets equal time! Love ya...MomBrann