Thursday, May 21, 2009

90 Degrees and Working

The last time I had to work during the summer was when I was pregnant with Emma, 7 years ago. I am so not used to having 90 degree temps and spending the day away from my kids. I already miss reading my books on the swing in the back yard. I miss watching the kids using their imaginations to play around the yard. I miss walking to the library and searching the frog pond for tadpoles. I miss being able to take off for the beach whenever we want.

It's ok, though. I know deep down that what I am doing now is best for my family. And when all else fails, we still have the weekends!

And I hope that as they grow up they realize that their mom, as much as she wanted to be there for them all the time, did what she had to do to give them the best life possible. And I hope that they know how much she loves them.

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Laura Brann said...

You have nothing to apologize about,dear. You are a very good Mom and I'm sure the children will remember their "growing up" years with the special times you've had together just fine. Remember - this,too, shall pass!!