Monday, January 21, 2008

Birthday Weekend is Over....

So Emma's weekend of birthday activities went out with a bang. I decided, kind of last minute, to have a party for her today since it's a holiday & everyone was around (except Bobby, which was probably a good thing). So I invited a few friends, 13 to be exact. Yes, I'm crazy! There were 15 kids & 8 adults in our apartment. Luckily our neighbors were here so the noise level wasn't an issue. lol! It actually went really well! I was so impressed with all the kids, even my own. The ages ranged from 1 to 9 and they all played together. 5 of the girls are actually Emma's 5 year old friends and they brought a few younger siblings, three 8 year old big brothers (that worked out well!) and one big almost 10 year old sister. Emma had a blast & that's all that matters. Now she has another playdate on Thursday & 2 birthday parties on Saturday. What a little social butterfly!

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