Friday, February 29, 2008

I'm Almost Done (And Then Some)

Well I finally acquired book #13 of the Stephanie Plum series today at the library. I'm sure I'll finish it tomorrow with the impending snowstorm looming over us. Then all I have left to read is the 3rd between-the-numbers novel, Plum Lucky. Unfortunately, the library doesn't have it yet & I can't justify buying in when it will only take about 90 minutes to read.
I also read the 2 novels in Janet Evanovich's other mystery/suspense/romance series about a woman named Alex Barnaby & a NASCAR driver named Sam Hooker. Also very good reads. I highly recommend anything by Janet Evanovich.
Maybe now that I'm just about done reading these books for a while I can start sewing again. I think I owe a few people purses & wallets & then I'd like to get several more made to start selling. If anyone's interested please let me know.

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