Thursday, May 29, 2008

I Need A Home

Haha! Just kidding! Did I get ya that time, Jenn?

Anyway, I still need input on the business name, please! It's between "Grace Robert Designs" (which sounds a little more classy and Old Hollywood to me), and "Missie Lind Originals" (which, according to Jenni in OR, sounds more trendy & funky).

Which one do YOU like better?


Laura Brann said...

Grace Robert does sound a little stuffy for a perky lady like you...though I do like it. Id I had to choose, I'd pick Missie Lind Originals,,,this gets your name out there to your buying public. Good luck....Mom Brann

Pam said...

FWIW, if you google "Missie Lind Originals" the first link returned is your blog. So you would have good searchability. Neither name returns anything weird on Google, at least on the first page.

Using your real name has procs and cons. It does get easier recognition from people who know you, but could be potentially open to weirdos. That said, I use my real name in my business and it hasn't been a problem for me.