Friday, March 28, 2008

Leapster Bags

Wednesday & yesterday I did a little playing around with some new sizes for my bags. The kids got Leapster game systems for Christmas & I've been planning on making bags to protect them since then. These bags both have frogs on the fabric (for the Leap Frog brand - corny, I know) and I used quilt batting along with the interfacing to make them sturdier & more padded. Jake's bag is a little bigger than necessary, but probably better for him that way. Emma's is little & oh so very cute! (And, yes, that's Emma's Leapster in Jake's bag. He was playing his when I took the pictures!) I have so many new ideas! I can't wait to keep sewing!
Oh, but I did just take some time out to read "Plum Lucky," the last book of the Stephanie Plum series before # 14 comes out in June. I picked it up today at the library, started it around 1:30, and with a few little interruptions I was done at 4pm. Another quick read, but very worthwhile. Another 2 thumbs up to Janet Evanovich! Can't wait til June!

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