Saturday, March 8, 2008

A New Favorite???

In my downtime between Plum novels I have had to find other authors that live up to Janet Evanovich's witty style. So, this week I read Judy Blume's "Summer Sisters," Jennifer Crusie's "Tell Me Lies," oh, and a couple of JE's original romance novels. I have to say that Jennifer Crusie is definitely coming in a close second for my new favorite author award. Her style is very similar to JE's and the plots are exciting, funny, racy, & suspenseful (everything I look for in a good book these days). Although Judy Blume's "adult" novels are racy as well. "Wifey" was very good & I really enjoyed "Summer Sisters." Why did it take me so long to rediscover the library?

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mingomama said...

Check out Stephanie Bond Body movers series- ready the two that are out in a weekend! I am just trying to get through to her next one! Also check out Sarah Stromeyer Bubbles Yablonski series.