Monday, May 19, 2008

Hannah's Tote & Another Design

My good friend Hannah is getting married next month. After she saw Sheri's tote bag she decided that she also wanted one. So here it is! Her shower was on Saturday so of course she already has it in hand. This bag has side & bottom gussets as well as a gusseted top for the zipper.

Also, on Saturday morning I had a brainstorm to do a gathered pouch-style bag. Here is my proto-type (or "my bag"). It's reversible, but I think it needs a button closure. And I already have an order for one (with a zipper)! Thanks, Sheri! I'll get it to you ASAP!

Oh, and here's the newest surprise in the garden! Since we moved here in July, we weren't sure what kind of surprises the garden would have for us this spring. The azaleas have been beautiful, but I am loving the deep purple irises! They remind me of my mom's garden, which, by the way, has yet to bloom anything other than her Lilies of the Valley.

1 comment:

Laura Brann said...

isn't spring gorgeous??? Almost as pretty as your hanbags...still think you should open a shop and make some income from your expertise.