Saturday, May 10, 2008

New Bags of the Week

Last weekend I was able to sit and sew while it rained like crazy outside. My very good friend Susie (aka Pookie, or Auntie Pookie to the kids) has 2 daughters in dance classes (they're almost 11 and 14). They desperately needed/wanted new dance bags, so they picked out the fabric and I made these cute and personalized bags for them. (Surprisingly, the one with Elmo belongs to the 14 year old!)

I also had some inspiration for a new bag style. So I went at it and just cut & sewed some fabric and this lovely little blue & green bag is the result. I am now in love with this bag, and with the style. It actually is very quick to put together, but the appliques & satin stitching are what took me the longest. I don't know, I think I may have a new "signature bag." What do you think? (Oh, and the little matching book next to the bag is my coveted sketch & idea book.)

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