Thursday, June 18, 2009

My Job

So since I recently complained about having to work & not being home enough with my kids, I figure I should actually point out that I do like my job. I work as a Customer Service Specialist at Village Candle in Topsham, Maine. It truly is a superior scented jar candle than anything else on the market. I have burned Yankee Candles in the past, but unfortunately I did not have great experiences. They soot tremendously and don't burn well. Village Candles have dual wick technology which provides a clean even burn and eliminates sooting. The fragrances are awesome and so true to life! And they are less expensive which, in my opinion, is a great thing these days. Why pay more for a candle that won't burn well and turns your walls black when you can pay less for a larger candle that burns all the way down and even comes with a free mini scenter car candle?

That's why I like my job. I honestly believe in the product. All of our candles are made on-sight in our factory by some of the most dedicated employees I have ever known. I work in the office as a CS rep so I handle many inbound and outbound sales calls from and to gift retailers, as well as sales reps and even consumers. These past 2 weeks have been extremely busy, in a good way. The Premium Village Candle collection is amazing, with a fabulous selection of fragrances that beat anyone else. Those other big companies don't hold a candle to Village (ok, bad pun, I know). We also have a country-style canning jar candle called our Kitchen Line. Yummy! Talk about wanting to eat something sweet while burning these candles. And then we have a soy and paraffin blend Accent Line in home decor friendly colors. I love these in my bright blue bathroom! We even have a line of Natural Soy Wax candles for you greenies out there. With Village Candles there is something for everyone...

Ok, I know I just totally plugged the company I work for, but why shouldn't I? Of course I would still buy these phenomenal candles if I didn't work there, but the best perk is getting to try out the new fragrances as they are being tested. I highly recommend those of you are reading this to try a Village Candle as soon as you can. If you don't have a local VIllage Candle retailer near you, check out the Village Candle Factory Store either in person in Topsham or online at Not only will you help me keep my job ;) but you'll also find yourself hooked on a new guilty pleasure - a premium quality candle at a very affordable price.

So there. That's why I do what I do. I enjoy helping people find the best candle they can. Once you try a Village Candle I am quite sure that you'll never want to buy from another candle company again. Made in the USA, Hand-Made in Maine, great smelling scented candles - Life is good.


charice said...

I recently replied to a blog about what "value" means to me... and the subject jsut happened to be Yankee Candle and Village Candle..
Missi, you are one of the internal Village Candle team that I was talking about..
It's people like you that make (very few) companies successful... But up in Maine, whoever owns Village Candle has figured it out...

Laura Brann said...

I LOVE Village Candle candles.....and I don't work for the company!! When I lived in Maine I made periodic trips over to the factory store in Topsham to buy candles for myself, for gifts, whatever reason I could find. They are doing small business correctly!