Sunday, July 19, 2009

Letter to the Sun

Mr. Sun?
Is that really you? I can't believe you're really here. And on a weekend. I am so excited to actually feel your warmth and bask in your lovely rays of light. It finally makes it feel like summer.

We have seen so little of you lately. Where have you been? Have you been hiding? Have you been sick? Have you been cheating on us with others who have been enjoying your warm glow?

It makes me sad to think that you have been away for so long without telling us why. Why have you let those evil clouds take over your righful place in the sky? Why have you allowed the rain to soak us more than necessary? Are you punishing us for always taking advantage of you when you're here?

Either way, I'm glad to see you back in our neck of the woods. Please stay for a while. Don't go away again for such a long period of time. We need you. You make us happy. You keep us warm. We love your seemingly endless light throughout the day.

Thank you, Mr. Sun, for finally coming back to us. I love you.

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Laura Brann said...

To Missie...

I have been in Colorado, shining down on people riding around in convertibles; dashing in and out of swimming pools; eating breakfast out on the patio. I have been in Houston,Texas, causing their thermometers to rise to 3 digits; I have been in California sending my rays over the Pacific coastline. I even made a quick stop in Alaska to check out the view of Russia from Sarah Palin's window.

I'm enjoying my visit to Maine, and think I might hang around for a few days. I can see I need to dry up mud puddles, make flowers bloom, enjoy the scenery as people break out their summer "skimpies" and just give you a little summer to make up for the bad spring. I can't make any promises, but I'll try to extend my visit for a couple of months before the winds of winter enter the state.

Mr. Sun