Friday, July 3, 2009

Hi Zack!

Haha. Funny title, I know. I just found out this week that my brother-in-law also reads my blog on occasion, so just a little shout-out there.

So we spent 12 1/2 hours on the road yesterday to get home from NJ. Should have been 8. Lots of traffic and rain. The only state that was good for us was NJ because we were heading north instead of south to the shore. It actually took us an hour just to get from Portland to Bath due to 295 being covered in about an inch of water the whole way. People were hydroplaning everywhere. Scary stuff! Good thing we got new tires last week!

So our vacation was awesome. Of the 5 days we were there we spent 3 at the beach and one at the zoo in Cape May and Ocean City Boardwalk. We always stay with Bobby's brother and his family. His wife, Christa, and I get along really well and their kids are also 6 & 4, just like Emma & Jake. They play so well and fight like cousins, as it should be. We also got to spend time with Bobby's sister, Danielle, and her family at the beach. We always try to get all 7 grandkids together for a picture so we can see how they grow every year. Here's a pic from the beach in Strathmere, taken by Danielle.
Top row: Emma & Jackson; Middle row: Rilee, Reid, Julia, Jake; Bottom row: Marley

So I finally posted a new pic here, after almost a year without one. Now if I could just get pics uploaded from my camera to my computer I could post a million more. I think I need some sort of adaptor or something for that....


Alison Douglass Photography said...

go to target, get a card reader. they are about $15 bucks and are the safest and fastest option for downloading your camera! you take your card out the camera and put it into the card reader (it attaches by USB port) that is it!

Glad you guys had fun!

Missie said...

Haha. I actually have a card reader built into the computer & didn't realize it. I didn't know you had to pop out the little pseudo card first.