Saturday, July 25, 2009

This Blueberry Pie...

is the most amazing thing ever. I worked at the Bowdoinham Farmers Market this morning, which is always a treat for me. I get to hang out with some neat people while selling delicious berries and veggies from a farm I truly believe in, all while making a little extra cash.

So with this extra cash today I chose to buy a blueberry pie. This isn't just any pie, mind you. This pie is homemade with love by a wonderful 12 year old named Libby. She and her friend Julia were there today with the Sprouts program (a program in Bowdoinham for kids to sell their wares at the Farmers Market).

I have to say that I have eaten other delicious treats made by Libby last summer, but this pie takes the cake! I believe the crust is homemade and the blueberries are picked by Libby and friends at an undisclosed location. They sell 3 different sizes: personal, medium, and full-on pie size!

So I'm sitting here enjoying my pie for lunch/snack while my successful first attempt at making potato salad cools in the fridge.

The kids should be home soon from the Wildlife Park (turtle exhibit) and then we're off to Uncle Jerm's for a BBQ this evening.

Why is it that when the sun comes out, my day just seems to get better and better?

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Laura Brann said...

'Tis the karma, my dear!! Save some of that sunshine for Labor Day week, could ya? That blueberry pie looked sooooooo good!