Sunday, December 27, 2009

2 Days Later

December 27th, 2009. 2 days after Christmas. The house is pretty much back to normal, with a few adjustments in the living room with which I am very pleased (much more open and spacey, perfect for Wii playing). And it's raining out, which is a big difference from yesterday's lovely snowflakes that covered the ground.
So I thought it was time to finally post some pics of the projects I was making for my mom. I'm pretty sure she doesn't read my blog, but better safe than sorry. So here they are:

My Mom has been wanting a Christmas Quilt for quite some time, so last weekend as I was making these 4 pillows for her I decided to get the matching fabric and start her quilt (normally my grandmother makes the family their quilts, but it's time for me to start doing more to pull my weight). So on Sunday I spent about 5-6 hours cutting & sewing to get the quilt top done. It still needs a backing and needs to be quilted and a binding sewn on, but that's a whole other project...
Btw- She Loves It!!!!

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