Thursday, December 3, 2009

What Am I Working On?

Tuesday night I went next door to the landlords'/neighbors' house as all of my non-sewing craft supplies are being haphazardly stored in their dining room (until next week when I have to make room for it all here so they can throw their annual Xmas Party). Anyway, I was looking for a pattern for my crocheted cloche-style hat. I didn't find it there (in fact, I didn't find it anywhere), however Jeanne asked if she could tag along back home with me to see all the fun stuff I'm working on. This caught me off guard (messy house, you know) but it was so good for me. I pulled out half-finished purses, blankets, quilts & stars. I also found some fabric that had been stashed away for projects never started. I also showed her the napkins that I started last weekend for her. She requested napkins & placemats for a gift for her work party. Unfortunately, my machine threw a temper tantrum on Sunday. I'm giving it a few days to rest so I'll finish those on Saturday.
After she trudged back across the driveway I desperately searched for my pattern. Like I said, I couldn't find the one I wanted, but I did find another hat pattern that I love, so I started that as gift for someone. Can't post pics til after Xmas for obvious reasons, but I do plan to pull some things out this weekend and inventory all my work. I'll post some pics of my WIPs or UFOs (Works In Progress or UnFinished Objects).
I have so much to do! Better get off this computer.....


Pam said...

you should create a ravelry acct to post all your WIPs and stuff.

Laura Brann said...

My question would be..."What are you working FOR?" With your seamstess talents and other craft talents, you could be getting rich sewing and making things for others and be a stay-at-home Mom. You could also teach sewing and crafts or open your own studio somewhere. So many possibilities!!