Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Home-made Kahlua

Last week was our Secret Santa week at work. Those who participated drew a coworker's name and had to get them something small and inexpensive each day, based on a theme.

Monday: something green
Tuesday: Santa's choice
Wednesday: something edible
Thursday: something sticky
Friday: something that your gift recipient will love and appreciate that reflects their personality

We're a pretty small office of about 20 and know each other pretty well, so it was pretty easy.

My recipient received the following from me:
Monday: green tea and spearmint gum
Tuesday: 2 holiday body lotions
Wednesday: a Christmas mug with Hershey Kisses
Thursday: salt-water taffy and sugared peanuts
Friday: bottle of red wine, large wine glass, and a scarf crocheted by moi

I received from my Secret Santa:
Monday: 10 green fat quarters and a pack of 6 yards of various green-toned ribbon
Tuesday: ceramic Santa cookie jar
Wednesday: home-made chocolate covered peanut butter balls in a snowman jar
Thursday: basketful of fusible tape & webbing and a barrel of monkeys for fun
Friday: very large bottle of home-made Kahlua- YUMMMMMMMO

So here it is, 6:40 pm on a Tuesday. The kids are eating macaroni & parmesan cheese while watching Ice Age for the bazillionth time. And I sit here at the "bar" drinking a lovely glass of Kahlua and milk over ice. Thanks, Cindy, for the perfect gift!

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