Saturday, April 19, 2008

A Little Home Decor

Yesterday was an absloutely picture-perfect day. We headed outside around 9:30 & didn't come in til bathtime. Of course, being outside means that I don't get much done in the way of housework, or sewing, or scrapping. But..... I did find a great project that required me to be outside.
I've had these oak wood picture frames for some time, but I just don't like the wood anymore. I also have a nice blank wall along the stairs and outside our bedroom door. So... I decided to paint the frames some funky colors & put something funky in each of them. I've been saving an old calendar of Paris, so 2 of my favorite pics went into the matted frames. Then I put some of my favorite fabric in the other 3 frames & arranged them on the wall (a little wonky, but I like it). As I find more frames to paint I'll be adding them to the collection.

Hmmm...... what can I do today?

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Laura Brann said...

Where do your talents end??? I've been scrap booking all week and need to get back to my knitting before I forget what I've learned already.