Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Much Better

After deliberating with my design consultant (Bobby) last night, I decided that the yellow straps just didn't work on this purse. So I took them off & made them to match the rest of the fabric. I had some cording left over from Christmas gifts & attempted to use the "piping" method. It isn't perfect, but it certainly looks a lot better from a design perspective. At least my design team & I think so!

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Laura Brann said...

Much better!! You should consider opening your home one day a week or more for friends to gather and work on projects with your guidance. Pam and I go to a quaint little knitting shoppe in a lady's home where we can buy yarn,needles,etc., and we can sit and knit around a table with other ladies and the home owner is there for advising or help for beginners. We only have to pay for products we buy. I think this is an exciting way for a stay-at-home mother to make a little change and also have friends in. You could also even have coffee/snacks available if you wanted to or have different people bring goodies each week. There are so many ways you could go with this if you wanted to. Too bad not to put your sewing skills into some sort of money-making venture.