Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Poor Jakey...

He's just not feeling himself today. I think he may have a touch of what I had last weekend. Yuck! Poor little man. It's not often that he heads for his own bed at 12:30 in the afternoon & falls asleep. He's so cute when he's sleeping though. And he needs it.

Of course, little Miss Model had to have her picture taken too.

Oh, and behind Jake's head you may be able to see the quick little pillow case I whipped up this morning. He has a flannel travel-size pillow that's just plaid. So I finally got to use some "Lightning McQueen" fabric I've had for a while. So cute!

1 comment:

Laura Brann said...

You have the cutest ballerina...and Jake's cute,too. Hope Jake gets well soon.